Rehabilitation Programs

Independent Medical Assessors and Work Rehabilitation Programs

An injury in the workplace is something that can have a ripple-on effect not only through the workplace itself but for the family of the employee as well. For this reason, the medico legal industry has several programs and procedures in place that help workplaces not only to prevent injuries from happening, but to offer ongoing and appropriate support in the compensation and rehabilitation of a worker who has suffered an injury. It is in this capacity that an independent medical assessor is so crucial to the entire process. Here, we’ve put together an article outlining the role an independent medical assessor plays in cases of worker’s compensation and rehabilitation.

What is an Independent Medical Assessor?

An independent medical assessor is a medically-trained professional that is certified to see patients and determine a course of action and treatment that would best suit the patient’s recovery. An IMA is someone with no prior connection to either the workplace or to the individual who has suffered an injury, and their function is to assess the extent of the injuries and the degree to which they impair the individual, and then formulate an opinion on a) whether or not the injury can be rehabilitated and b) what kind of rehabilitation program is required/is best for the patient’s physical and emotional well being. Independent medical assessors can be doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists, and they must be confident in translating complex medico legal jargon for their patients, as well as translating their patient’s symptoms and injuries backinto medico legal terms for insurers and other bodies.

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