Injury Claim Tips

Getting Independent Medical Advice to Defend a Negligence Claim

If an employer has been injured on your worksite and has brought a negligence claim against you and your company, then you need to take the situation very seriously. A person or business that is negligent has failed to exercise the proper care to prevent other people on their property from becoming injured, but if you don’t believe you’re in the wrong, you need to take action right away. One of the best ways you can defend yourself and your company from what you believe to be a wrongful injury claim is to hire the services of an independent medical examiner (IME).

The role of an IME is to conduct an unbiased examination of the claimant to determine whether or not the injury sustained was actually caused by an unsafe workplace, or if it was from a previous injury. Making this distinction could mean the difference between lengthy and expensive court proceedings, or being able to dismiss the claim altogether. If you’re not familiar with how the process works, then read on for some tips.

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9 Tips for Avoiding Spinal Injuries

People seek medico legal assistance every day due to spinal injuries. Spinal injuries can be caused in a number of ways; in many instances, they are caused by work-related accidents. These injuries can range from mild cervical strains to broken backs or slipped discs.

If you are concerned about injuries to your spinal cord, then you need to learn what causes them, and what you can do to avoid them. Here are nine things you need to do in order to avoid spinal injuries:

1. Be Careful When You Lift Heavy Objects

Many people make the mistake of lifting with their backs. Don’t bend over to pick up a heavy object. Squat down, grab the object, and lift up with your legs. Use your knees to push back up. Try to relax your back as much as you can.

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The Top 12 Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents are horrible, especially when permanent injury or death is involved. Every year, thousands of people contact medico legal experts to help them receive compensation for hospital bills and car repairs. This is because most accidents are caused by human error.

Motor vehicle accidents can be caused by a number of reasons. Here are the top twelve:

1. Speeding

Everybody’s seen drivers going over the speed limit. You might have gone over the speed limit yourself before. Sadly, speed can kill. The faster a motorist drives, the slower their reaction time will be. Plus, some speeders are also under the influence of alcohol, which significantly increases their chances of causing an accident.

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The 8 Most Dangerous Toys for Kids

Parents seek medico legal assistance for a number of reasons. The world can be a dangerous place for children. Sadly, even their toys can cause them harm. And it’s not just the outdoor toys. Some of the most dangerous toys are the ones that belong in a playroom.

Here are eight of the most dangerous toys for kids:

1. Trampolines

We’ve all jumped on trampolines before. And did flips. And tried stupid stunts. Many of us have fallen off as well. Every year many kids end up hurting themselves on trampolines. The injuries range from ankles sprains to broken necks.

Parents need to set rules when it comes to trampolines. They shouldn’t allow more than two kids on at once. They should also put up safety nets.

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5 Viable Alternatives to Lawsuits

Have you been injured as a result of another party’s negligence? Are you thinking of consulting with medico legal experts? Before filing a lawsuit, it is recommended that you consider other options. A lawsuit will take up a lot of your time and cost you thousands of dollars. In many cases it is easier to receive a decent settlement if you negotiate, arbitrate or settle.

So what options are open to you? Here are five viable alternatives to lawsuits:

1. Settlement

Try to get the problem solved in a non-threatening way and you might end up with more money in the long run. If the case is settled before reaching court, you won’t have to pay court fees. You will also save time and aggravation.

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The 6 Strangest Lawsuits of All Time

Some people are so desperate for money that they’d try just about anything for a quick buck, from abusing the medico legal process to suing McDonalds over hot coffee. While frivolous lawsuits usually don’t make it through the courts, there have been a few instances of people winning millions of dollars.

Here is a list of some of the strangest lawsuits of all time:

1. A man demands money from Anheuser-Busch for “false advertising”

A series of Budweiser commercials in the 90s featured beautiful women materializing in front of some truck drivers. A man in Michigan drank two cases of Budweiser and failed to see the women afterwards.

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The Pros and Cons of Pursuing a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Before you consult with your medico legal experts, you need to make sure that a lawsuit is worth pursuing in your case. Every case is unique. The facts and circumstances surrounding yours need to be analysed by an experienced lawyer. Even if you think that there’s a good chance you’ll win, you should still consider alternatives to lawsuits.

Here are the pros and cons of pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit:


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9 Reasons Why You Should Make a Personal Injury Claim

Personal injuries are undoubtedly disruptive. Not only is the shock of suddenly being injured hard enough, but, depending on the injury, suffering a personal injury can radically derail your life. However, people often brush off a personal injury either because they are unversed in medico legal know-how, or rather spend time recovering rather than fighting in court.
Don’t let yourself be a victim if you’ve been unlawfully injured. Here are nine reasons why you should make a personal injury claim.

  1. Getting Injured Costs Money
  2. Beyond the obvious medical bills, should you be seriously injured you can often lose a significant chunk of income from missing work. Filing a personal injury claim can offset these losses.

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What to Do After an Accident — 9 Important Tips

Accidents are a tragic reality in this modern world of ours. No matter what country you visit, you can be sure that, if they have a well-developed transport system, serious accidents are an all too common occurrence. However, if you have a minor accident and you are relatively unscathed, you have other problems to worry about. If the other party is injured and wants to make a claim against you, you must ensure that you receive quality medico legal advice.

So if you find yourself in an accident, here are nine important things you must do:

  1. Maintain Safety Precautions
  2. If as a driver you are involved in a minor car accident, move the car off the road to prevent blocking oncoming traffic; leaving the car parked in the middle of the road could lead to multiple accidents. If it is not possible to move the car, then call the police and remain in your car with the safety belts fastened and the hazard lights on.

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6 Steps to Winning Your Car Accident Claim

When you have a car accident, the last thing on your mind is your car accident claim. Your first concern is your personal safety and that of your passengers. But after the shock has worn off, you need to assess the damage done to your property and your person, and then contact a medico legal professional.

If you have sustained personal injury as a result of the other party’s negligence, here are six steps to win your car accident claim:

  1. Take Pictures of the Accident Scene
  2. The first step is to take as many pictures of the accident scene as possible, and from as many angles as you can. Don’t forget to take photos of the other person’s car immediately in case they take off. You should take pictures of faulty traffic lights, potholes, and other details that you deem relevant.

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