Common Workplace Injuries

Top 7 Myths About Workplace Injury

There are many myths concerning workplace injuries. If you are a business owner, you have to know these myths before you consult any medico legal experts. Knowing fact from fiction will save you a lot of time and money in the long run because misconceptions about safety can drive improper actions.

Here are seven of the most common myths about workplace injury:

Myth 1: Safety is always achievable

No it’s not. Risks can never be evaded. There’s always the risk of some unexpected and unrecognised hazard entering the workplace. This doesn’t mean that your company can’t achieve zero accidents. In order to avoid accidents in your workplace, you need to train your employees properly. Even though safety is never completely achievable, your company can still work together to prevent accidents from occurring.

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The 8 Most Common Hazards in the Workplace

According to medico legal experts, hundreds of thousands of people are injured on the job every single year. Many of the injuries are severe, and cause long-lasting or even permanent damage. Not all injuries are physical, either. Some people suffer psychological damage due to unsafe workplace conditions.

Here are the eight most common hazards found in the workplace:

1. Sharp Objects

Sharp objects can cause anything from a scratch to serious injury or even death. These sharp objects can be anything from pointy edges on tree branches to broken glass. Your employer has to make sure that there are no sharp objects on the premises. If you do work in an industry where sharp objects, such as sharp tree branches, are unavoidable, then you should be provided with protective gear.

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How to Protect Your Claim if You are Injured at Work

Getting injured on the workplace, depending on your line of work, may be an occupational risk you need to take. However, it is the responsibility of your employer to make sure you receive proper medical care. On the flip side, it is your duty to follow through with their procedures to make sure your claim is processed correctly. For those not familiar with the medico legal process, here is how you can protect your injury claim at the workplace:


The very first step you need to take in order to have your claim processed is to inform your supervisor. Telling him or her won’t be enough. You need to put into writing that you have been injured. Almost all companies will have the ready-made paperwork that you can fill out to report your claim. Nevertheless, if you suspect you have been injured you must report it right away. Your claim is going to be far weaker if you get injured, go home and then report it the following day.

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The 11 Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims

Every year, thousands of people turn to personal injury lawyers and medico legal investigators to help them with injury and death claims. It is an unfortunate reality, but people can be injured in many different ways.

Here is a list of the eleven most common types of personal injury claims:

  1. Injury from Product Defects
  2. Products are supposed to be tested before released on the market. This still doesn’t mean that faulty products aren’t produced during the manufacturing process. Sometimes quality control procedures fail to spot defects or potential problems.

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9 Common Types of Industrial Injury and Disease Claims

Industrial injuries and illnesses occur all too often in the workplace. Although there will always be accidents in the workplace, many of them can be prevented. Sometimes employees even die as a result of negligence, and their families seek out medico legal investigators to help them make a claim.

Here is a list of nine common types of industrial injury and disease claims:

1. Asbestos Exposure

There are two kinds of disease caused by asbestos exposure or inhalation: asbestosis and asbestos mesothelioma. There are asbestos detection kits, so there is never any excuse for these harmful fibers being present in any workplace.

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5 Most Common Workplace Injuries

An injury in the workplace can be a nightmare for everyone involved. In a medico legal sense, understanding the common hazards and how to prevent them is an important part of risk management and OH&S best practises, so we’ve put together a list of the five most common injuries that occur in Australian workplaces:

Struck By Objects

Particularly on construction sites, the hazard of falling objects is a big threat. While hard hats and protective clothing are mandatory on all construction sites, there is still plenty of scope for things like tools, debris or heavy building materials to fall off or out of something and onto a person’s body. Obviously, the longer the fall, the more serious the injury, but even things like a hammer falling out of a toolbag onto an exposed body part can cause serious damage.

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