Advantages of Independent Medical Assessors

Finding the Right Medical Professional to Answer Your Questions

As we have previously mentioned, there are countless situations in which it can become necessary or advisable to seek an independent medical opinion . Whether you are a patient in need of an assessment of a prior diagnosis or treatment, a legal professional looking for answers in a case, a journalist needing advice on the potential effects of a certain kind of substance on a person’s health or any industry in between, finding a medical professional who is impartial and competent is a good skill to have. Here are a few guidelines on how to find a good one…


Across Australia and internationally there are several recognised bodies and associations to which independent medical professionals and assessors can belong. It is advisable to make these organisations your starting point as they all require some kind of accreditation and can be researched in terms of reliability and reputation. Once you have found an association, the process of searching within that association for the right medical professional will be much easier.

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Three Ways an Independent Medical Assessor Can Help

The role of an independent medical assessor is both varied and extraordinarily important in the medico legal field. Whether it’s in regards to worker’s compensation, civil or criminal legal proceedings, rehabilitation programs or a range of other industries and specialties, the importance of having a registered, non-partial body of professionals who can shed some objective light on issues can not be overstated. Here are three situations in which an Independent Medical Assessor can make all the difference:

Worker’s Compensation & Rehabilitation

Because IMAs have no connection with either insurance companies, national compensation bodies like Work Cover or employers, they are a great source of advice and suggestions for individual cases. They can help both with the analysis and assessment of rehabilitation plans, as well as the progress of individuals involved either in a compensation plan or an OH&S rehabilitation program. In cases where an employee has been injured at work it is of the utmost importance to gain a third party opinion from someone well-versed in medico legal jargon and processes. An independent Medical Assessor fills this need perfectly.

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